Sugar Honey by Carla J. Easton - Album Journey #2

Sugar Honey - Carla J Easton Carla J Easton Website Bandcamp Olive Grove Website Bandcamp This LP positively drips with 80’s & 90’s pop influences and is utterly unapologetic about any of it. The drum machine, synths and layered vocals generate nostalgia, without outright copying the sounds or melodies; this is very much Carla’s take on how her songs must sound. She has self produced via her Adventures In Music Fanclub and I think that by doing this she has elevated this work to be something truly CJE. Despite what she claims, it’s not ‘uncool’, it’s one of 2023's coolest releases and a complete triumph of a record.   Never Belong The LP starts with the steady driving of synths of ‘Never Belong’ and a lyric "I believe in birthdays, and the satisfaction of stolen kisses at night, so I took all my candles out and made a wish to always have you by my side, but I guess the both of use are never gonna compromise, so we'll never belong, we'll never belong... " T

'Exit Light' by Raveloe - Album Journey #1

Raveloe - Exit Light Raveloe Bandcamp                  Olive Grove Bandcamp I am not a critic, reviewer or,  a music influencer. I am someone who is really keen to share the music I enjoy (remember - positivity, not complaining or moaning) and thus I might be too much of an ‘enthusiastic fan’ for some. That said I will base my writing on how the music makes me feel , what I notice about it, and how it turns over in my brain.   If you’re looking for cutting commentary, I’m not your man. I share the music that I truly love. I hope that comes across in the writing.   Album Journey #1 So to start the Album Journeys blog proper, I’ve decided to listen to an album which is one of my favourites of 2023.   Raveloe is the alias of Glasgow artist Kim Grant, who is signed to the always excellent Olive Grove Records . OG have released some tremendous LP’s and their artists consistently feature in my end of year lists.  When I first heard Kim’s music I instantly connected with it, and knew I wante